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Kampot pepper

Pretty, Powerful, Pepper

Once upon a time in a magical far away land, lived the prince of spices. This lush paradise, called the Kingdom of Cambodia, supplied the renowned chefs of the world with the fairest pepper of them all, Kampot Pepper.

Then the darkness of war made this national treasure almost disappear. But once peace came shining through again, the sheer force of nature, along with the willingness of the local community, brought back the quintessential spice. And so the epicureans of the world savored happily ever after...

Fleur d’olive is proud to be part of this good ending, actively contributing to the continuation of pepper farming in Kampot. We buy directly from the producers’ cooperative, thus supporting farms in their local success.

The terroir and traditional expertise are supported by the care taken at every meticulous step of production, contributing to preserving the freshness and unique fragrance of Fleur d’olive Kampot pepper.

Our promise : a unique and authentic product, organic, boasting Cambodian and European certifications (AOC-IGP-KPPA) and stating the lot number and expiry date. An exceptional fine food to discover.

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Visit http://youtu.be/EPs6ymQ5skI to fully discover the historical and gastronomic character of Kampot pepper.

See the article by Robert Beauchemin, journalist, entitled : The King of Peppers

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